Next Generation Clinical Trial Search EngineA Clinical Trials Search Engine For Business Use

TrialIO is an easy to use web application providing decision support for trial planning, competitive intelligence, and scientific research support.

Next Generation Clinical Trial Search EngineTrial Planners quickly find Investigators by Disease and Geography

Easily create "collections" of trials based on disease or geography and with one click TrialIO surfaces the complete "resume" for an investigator including details on previous and current trials.

Next Generation Clinical Trial Search EngineBusiness Developers instantly see the pipeline of trials for a disease, intervention, or sponsoring competitor

TrialIO tracks and its "history" archive, alerting you to new trials, new competitors, and changes to trial protocols or eligibility.

Next Generation Clinical Trial Search EngineTherapeutic heads instantly identify trials aimed at finding new biomarkers that may have relevance to their portfolio.

TrialIO places the trial description and outcome measures front-and-center, allowing aasy access mouseovers to extended trial information without excessive clicking


Create trial "collections" that define the set of trial documents relevant to your work using any combination of faceted search and pattern matching. All important data elements in can be used to slice and dice the landscape of relevant trial documents.

Once created, trial collections persist and can be re-used for alerting and as the basis for comparison to other collections in your portfolio.


TrialIO integrates content from multiple sites into a single comprehensive platform. Sources include, FDA' Bioresearch Monitoring Information System, the World Cities  database for country, city, and state populations and geographic coordinates, and PubMedfor tabulating publication activity associated to investigators and trial results.


TrialIO provides on-the-fly aggregate analysis of all trial features. Visual output (bar, line, pie, tabular) allows you to visualize the complex landscape of clinical trials for any disease, intervention, and sponsor. Aggregate or source content is easily downloaded to Comma Separate Files using the TrialIO download widget.

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